The Collecting of Unwanted Materials

The Collecting of Unwanted Materials


The Collecting of Unwanted Materials
Friday, January 29, 2010
Summary of Residency 1 January 2010
Summary of Residency 1

Recommended Artists:
Petah Coyne
Heide Fasnacht
Joan Livingstone
Hope Ginsberg
Fred Sandback
Kent Hendrickson
Christina Mancuso
Susan Collis
Clara Wainwright
Berri Kramer
Sara Drummond
Judy Chicago
Sheila Pepe
Beverly Semmes
Miriam Shapiro
Harmony Hammond
Isa Genzken
Eva Hess
Liz Collins
Christian Boltanski
Ynkia Shonibare
Michalangelo Pestoletti
Charles Ledray
Denise Driscoll
Janet Higgins
Love Beasley
Patricia Tinjero
Jason Brown
Joseph Beuys
Amy Emiko Oye
Annette Messager
Sara Sez
Jessica Stockholder
Rachel Harrison
Rosemarie Trockel

Recommended Exhibitions:
Unmonumental - New Museum
Museum of Art and Design (NY)

Recommended Groups:
Knit Knit
Handmade Nation
Ravelry (social network or fiber people)

Recommended Art:
Outsider Art
Folk Art
Found Art

Recommended Books:
-The Craftsman- Richard Sennett
-The Re-enchantment of Art- Suzi Gablik
-“Crafty” Book about show
-Work Ethic-
-“Out of the Ordinary - Spectacular Book of Craft”
Essay: Spectacle of the Everyday
-MIT Press Everyday series of Essays
-“7 Days in the Art World”
-”Art as an Experience”

-New York Times Sunday Wedding Announcements

Field Trip Inspiration:
Tara Donovan: Pins and plastic tape installation.
Burnt wood installation.

Important Information/ Advise:
-Always relate everything I do with an intention.
-Don’t come back with the same stuff.
-Know a sentence to introduce thesis or idea.
-Don’t do what has already been done.
-Choose 3 artists you like and 3 you hate in your field and then find the middle.
-Choose a focus.
-Be Aggressive
-There is no single truth to anything we see. No single right or wrong.
-Don’t be to ambitious your first semester.
-Know color theory artists

Critique information:
-Materials Person.
-Obviously skilled at your craft.
-Where are you going?
-What direction do you plan to take this?
-The installation piece is strong and different. It is nice that I did not focus on the beauty of it but more the purpose/why of it. It related to a lot of people. The massiveness of it was really powerful. Involving other people is good. The moving around the room and the weaving in and out of the process is good.
-I should stop making things that go on the wall. Focus on installation and/or sculpture.
-Why would you want to combine all the different things you do?
-You should combine all the different things you do.
-I am drawn to the healing and protection of the nest.
-The natural and recycling aspects of the work are a strong point.
-It is interesting to see the progression in your work.
-I like the new work; it is more fresh.
-Can you recycle your soul?
-Establish a new beginning.
-Many fiber artists are moving toward the recycling.
-Traditional craft vs. expressing your emotions.
-I respond most to the pods-the shape and the color.
-Pods and Installation: Departure from pictures to more shape, texture, more inventive really using the material to make.
-Wasted Thread: Why are you wanting to have people from other states send you stuff if you are addressing a local issue?
-Is wasted thread your main focus or goal?
-Subversive craft into a contemporary setting.
-Gather lineage for this practice.
-Women are reclaiming the feminist and fiber work is ripe right now.
-The pods are precious and the installation is exuberant and I don’t know why you would want to combine them.
-Take what you have and add to it.
-There is a freshness in the installation; almost a celebration.
-You don’t need to work with a fibers person. You need to work with a sculpture person who can direct you with space.
-You have a lot of making skills.
-Sit in on a Contemporary Sculpture class because it will fuel your work.
-Read sculpture and installation books.

Suggestions for upcoming project:
-Unravel material- how can you turn it into something beautiful?
-Totem pole idea of symbolism

Seminar with Deborah Davidson “Books”:
Excellent introduction of the history of the book. Great examples. Field trip to Harvard to view 20 art books. Great examples of art books. Created gathering book and learned several folding techniques.